What did Ted do to Rose in The Joy Luck Club?

She played the role of victim, he of hero. After they married, Ted became the proverbial decider, choosing everything from their furniture to their vacation spots. After a malpractice suit, he began pushing Rose to make more decisions . Then he asked for a divorce.

How does Bing's death affect Rose?

Because Bing drowned at the beach while Rose was supposed to be watching him, Rose feels responsible for his death, despite the fact that the rest of the family does not hold Rose accountable. Her refusal to take on future responsibilities may stem from her fear of future blame should misfortunes occur.

What is Rose's weakness in Joy Luck Club?

She lacks wood in her character; she's a pushover. Why on earth is Rose so averse to making decisions? It seems to date back to her brother Bing drowning when Rose was supposed to be watching him.

What does Rose believe caused her divorce?

Yet Rose comments that she now realizes “fate is shaped half by expectation, half by inattention” (hence the title of the story, “Half and Half”). Just as she believes her inattention caused Bing to drown, she thinks that her inattention to signs of her marriage deteriorating resulted in Ted's request for a divorce.

What does Rose Hsu's mother do in an attempt to bring back her son who drowned?

She then tried to defy fate by throwing her own mother's ring into the sea , thinking it might bring back her drowned son. When Bing did not come back, An-Mei lost faith in God. As a result, she never again read the Bible; instead, she used it under a table leg as a support.

What does Bing's death have to do with Rose's failed marriage?

She attended the First Chinese Baptist church every Sunday — until Bing died and she lost her faith . ... The story of Bing's death parallels Rose's condition. The Hsu family, like Rose and Ted early in their marriage, believed that luck and fate were on their side.

How Was Roses Mothers faith affected by the death of Bing?

Bing fell into the reef and when his mom pulled him out, he was already dead. ... How was Rose's mother's faith affected by the death of her son? Her faith was destroyed because she thought that faith could change fate.

Why was Rose distracted when Bing fell in the water?

She is distracted temporarily from her responsibility of watching him ; when she checks to see what he is doing, he is in the process of falling off the wall. In the few moments in which she is unable to decide how to save him, he disappears into the ocea

Why does Rose dread seeing her mother?

Tonight, Rose has come to tell her mother that she and her husband, Ted, are getting a divorce . She dreads telling her mother. ... Hsu, was displeased about the budding relationship because Ted was not Chinese, and Ted's mother, Mrs. Jordan, was displeased because Rose was not American — she was Chinese.

How old was Rose when Bing dies?

four years old

She finally needs her mother's intervention in order to realize that to refuse to make decisions is in fact itself a decision: a decision to continue in a state of subservience, inferiority, and ultimate unhappiness. Rose's youngest brother, Bing, died when he was four years old .

How old is Rose Hsu Jordan?

Rose is the narrator of “Half and Half” and “Without Wood.” She has two sisters and three living brothers; her youngest brother Bing drowned when he was four years old while fourteen-year-old Rose was supposed to be watching him.

What is the main reason Ted wants to divorce Rose?

The marriage was steady until Ted lost a malpractice suit; afterward, he began to press Rose to make some of her own decisions. The marital break came while he was attending a medical convention in Los Angeles . He called late at night and demanded a divorce. Rose lost all faith in Ted's love for her.

What does Rose tell her husband in the chapter without wood about their divorce?

Ted comes over after work, expecting the divorce papers to be signed. However, Rose has finally made up her mind, and refuses to bend to Ted's will without a fight. She tells him that he can't just pull her out of his life and throw her away , and gives him unsigned divorce papers.

How does An-mei influence Rose's beliefs about herself and her marriage?

Summary and Analysis An-mei Hsu: Magpies. To her mother (An-mei), Rose reveals that her marriage is falling apart . Paralyzed with grief and indecision, Rose can do nothing but weep. An-mei understands that by refusing to do something decisive about this problem, Rose is, in effect, choosing to do nothing.

What was the turning point in Rose and Ted's marriage?

When Ted lost a big medical malpractice suit. What was the turning point in Rose and Ted's marriage? She was an obedient wife who did not voice her own feelings.