How do u say chocolate mousse in French?

  1. lait chocolaté
  2. chocolat chaud.

What is another name for chocolate mousse?

Other relevant words (noun): junket, pudding , trifle.

Is chocolate mousse masculine or feminine in French?

mousse (moos) noun, feminine


Is the word mousse French?

From French mousse (“ foam, froth” ), from Old French mosse (“moss”), from Frankish or Old Dutch mosa (“moss”), from Proto-Germanic *musą (“moss, bog, marsh”).

What is another name for mousse?

Mousse Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus.
What is another word for mousse?

dessert foam
froth pudding
lather suds
effervescence bubbles
head fizz

Why do they call it chocolate mousse?

It is actually a French word meaning “froth” or “foam.” “Mousse au chocolat” is French for chocolate mouss

What is a fancy word for chocolate?

Chocolate Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus.
What is another word for chocolate?

brownie fudge
chocolate bar chocolate cake
chocolate fudge rocky road
nougat candy

How do you describe chocolate mousse on a menu?

Texture: The Cream

Ask anyone to describe a chocolate mousse and they will generally answer with a texture adjective—“ fluffy” or “airy” —that's the result of the cream. Heavy cream is whipped to increase its volume and here many chefs do themselves a disservice by over whipping, leading to a denser finished produc

What does chocolate mousse mean in French?

nègre en chemise {noun} chocolate mousse with whipped cream piping.

Is chocolate masculine or feminine in French?

The gender of chocolat is masculine . E.g. le chocolat.

How do you spell chocolate mousse in French?

Mousse Au Chocolat (Easy French Chocolate Mousse)

What does the French word mousse mean?

foam , froth , lather . 6 days ago

Where does the term mousse come from?

Mousse originated in the 18th century in France , where the word mousse translates as “foam,” describing the airy texture of mousse.

Is the word chocolate French?

chocolat .

What does the French word real mean?

More French words for real. le réal noun. real. réel adjective. actual, live, true, genuine, substantial.